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2009-06-22 18:23:40 by alcaknight

Hey everybody! I can't put any new animations online until the school year starts due to me not having internet on the computer, and I won't even have the computer for long. I will be kind of rusty once school starts again, but hopefully it won't be too bad. I will also be starting "The Brickwall 3", but it will be using a different style of sticks than I used in the other two. It will be much more fluid, and hopefully more entertaining with many different ways of the stickmen dying. So look forward to that.

I also entered a Tournament called TLTFT or The Long Time Flash Tournament. So a collaboration of those should be coming out soon, and I will have a piece in it.

Until then, seeya!


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2009-06-22 18:41:51

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